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Students use the SubFeed app to access their learning resources.

Great Design

A truly great design that is functional and visually pleasing.

Push Notifications

Send a push notification to your students, alerting them for new content. It works like magic!


As well as uploading single files, teachers can share folders full of files to create immersive content repositories.

Cloud Based

SubFeed is a cloud based solution, meaning it is accessible anytime anywhere.

Text Alert

Send quick messages to your entire class, in the press of a button.

Independent Learning

By placing resources on SubFeed, students are free to access content in school and out.

Why SubFeed?

SubFeed is an innovative solution to a common problem in higher education, the hosting and distribution of lesson material and resoruces. SubFeed takes a mobile approach as it is the future of education. By using SubFeed, higher educational institutes will find a tremendous saving in printing cost and lower their carbon footprint. As a result of content being more accessible it becomes more engaging and thus will increase student retention. In the 21st century information is power for students; access to information (SubFeed) is therefore the greatest enabler for a modern education.

  • Reliable and secure platform
  • Increase student retention
  • Attach files easily
  • Alert students through powerful push notifications

Humble Beginnings

In 2013 a small collection of students from Cirencester College wanted to create a better way for lecturers at the college to send documents to students. The reason for this was because the college was wasting paper and time by using hand outs and the existing learning platform as a content delivery tool. It took a lot of time for lecturers to upload files, and it was impossible for students to view them on their devices. SubFeed solves these problems, the small collection of students are still running SubFeed today in the form of Airla Tech Ltd.

It's Awesome

SubFeed gives you access to great features as an educator and a student.

Cloud Based Service

SubFeed is hosted by a secure cloud based content management system. The same is used by the BBC, Toyota and other major organisations. The implication being that data is accessible anywhere you are, in the classroom or outside of it.

Increase Retention

We strongly believe that the more accessible the content the more engaging it is. SubFeed is proven to increase retention as a result of its ability to make content more accessible, which leads to better results for students and teachers.

24/7 Support

Technology is meant to give you more time with your students. Therefore in the rare event of IT issues regarding SubFeed, we offer our members free 24/7 support. We respect your time and responsibilites as an educator.

Mobile Preview

Here are some screenshots from the SubFeed app.

Affordable Packages

Single licenses are free for the first 6 months, prices vary dependent on circumstances. Call our sales team on +44 7894052433 or email hello@subfeed.co.uk for more details.

Single License

£5 /month

  • Single Group
  • Limited Storage
  • Email Support

Department License

£3 per student, per year

  • Multiple Groups
  • Greater Storage
  • Email/Phone Support

Corporate License

£416 /month

  • Unlimited Access
  • Unlimited Storage
  • 24/7 Support

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